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Our strengths – your competitive advantage.

What makes Adventure different?  Our clients trust us for our ability to offer integrated brand marketing solutions ranging from Identity Development to Advertising Campaigns to Social Media Solutions, all under one roof.

We provide the depth and breadth clients seek, cost-effectively with a high degree of personalization. With Adventure, you now have a wide array of adaptable solutions at your disposal. Value, savings, ROI, peace of mind – we guarantee them all.


To be the leading provider of integrated, next generation, brand, design, marketing, web, mobile, IT and media solutions that enable clients to significantly simplify costs and complexity of design, development and deployment, while enhancing productivity, new revenue opportunities, competitive advantages and customer relationships.


To provide innovative and effective integrated marketing solutions which help our clients share their vision with the world and achieve their sales and marketing objectives.


EXCELLENCE: We continually stretch ourselves and challenge each other to improve our products, our processes and ourselves. We strive always to understand our clients’ businesses and their requirements and help them achieve their goals, with the best of breed solutions.

TEAMWORK: Our culture fosters open and effective communication and interaction. We operate in an environment that encourages innovation, creativity and results through teamwork and mutual respect.

ACCOUNTABILITY: We keep our word, meet the commitments we make and take personal responsibility for all thoughts, actions and results.

Our Strategic Partner

Monstro Group offers a complete portfolio of Finance Capital, Infrastructure, Pharmacy, Import-Export, Entertainment Service, Infotech & manufacturing services. Using experience, innovation & commitment Monstro Group offers services that are designed to complement & enhance your business.

We have the skills & knowhow to provide you with a choice of efficient solutions, around the world & around the clock.

Monstro Group of Companies is among the few reputed and fast growing organisations prepared for capitalizing on new economy in India.

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“Beyond advertising and marketing. Your brand strategy ambassador.!”

Come, explore our universe.

What we do

We are resourceful and efficient – proud of our inventiveness and the ability of our staff to handle virtually any marketing challenge across a colourful spectrum of media, markets, and schedules.

Adventure offers a full suite of specialised brand marketing tools line that create, deploy and deliver rich strategies, stunning design and compelling content. By reducing the cost and complexity of delivering high quality brand marketing services, clients can increase user satisfaction, business productivity and ROI.



We custom-make all marketing requirements, from logos and photography to copywriting and brand guidelines. We design  memorable creative’s that have high recall and drive consumers to act.



Our mission is simple: develop strategy that works for our clients. We develop innovative strategies that improve brands and grow businesses.



We create stories for brands that weave together their marketing communications with enticing content. We aim to create content that is engaging to consumers and draws them to your brand.



We use our experience and local knowledge to suggest the appropriate channels for your brand. We ensure that you get the most value from your media budget.


Social Media

Adventure offers its clients a plethora of Social Media solutions, custom built to engage and build their audiences and increase brand recall and sales.



Adventure is a full service one stop agency for all your marketing needs. No job is too small or too large for us to handle.


The works

ICAI Dubai Chapter

AV / Branding / Events / Website

RMD Boards

AV / Branding / Events / Pop / Website

AMD Middle East

Branding / Exhibition stands / Packaging / Pop



Artistic Properties

Branding / Brochure / Website


AV / Branding / Events / Website


Branding / Packaging



Winds Trading


Aastha Jewellery Lounge


Gold Locker

AV / Branding

Al Baker Corporate



AV / Branding / Brochure


AV / Branding / Brochure / Pop

Sternon Real Estate


The team

At Adventure we are built to be agile. The agency is helmed by a core group of creative and account management specialists who ensure, you receive the same high-quality attention and strategic thinking on every project. There is faster, better communication with the ability to respond to the unique aspects of every project.

The nature of Adventure keeps overhead low, and allows us to save you time and money without sacrificing quality. Big enough to tackle anything, sized right to remain maneuverable, responsive to your requests, efficient and cost effective, our hard-driving creative and account staff spark brilliant solutions. Fueled by a nucleus of energy, excellence, and experience, our team is ready to meet your every need.

  • Girish Mehta

    Girish Mehta

    Managing Director

    As the man at the helm, Girish is endowed with the innate ability to see farther and reach higher. He adroitly leads the team, bringing with him a rich experience of over 30 years spread across countries and a rare skill of seamlessly winning the minds and hearts of clients and customers alike.

  • Geeta Girish

    Geeta Girish

    Media Manager

    Born and raised in Mumbai, India and later Dubai, Geeta Mehta grew up with a passion for advertising,marketing, and media early on. She effortlessly shuttles between crunching media numbers to get her clients the best deal and buidling an buzzing environemnt for all at the office.

  • Cajetan Pereira

    Cajetan Pereira

    Account Manager

    Cajy, has been with Adventure for over 13 years and with a combined knowledge of over 20 years brings with him a wealth of servicing knowledge and experience to Adventure, giving our clients both strategic and creative direction for their brands. Cajy has graduated with advertising as his core subject. Outside the office, Cajy is an active party monster.

  • Murali Murthy

    Murali Murthy

    Creative Consultant

    Based in Canada, Murali Murthy is an acclaimed Speaker and Author of The ACE Series of Books. But nothing can take him away from his first love – Advertising and his second home – Adventure,  where he enjoys building brands from the ground up.

  • Siju Sivan

    Siju Sivan

    Creative Head

    Siju is passionate about design and creativity. Siju’s educational background in design, coupled with his experience has lead to some great work. Siju has won multiple awards.

  • Vaisakh Viswanathan

    Vaisakh Viswanathan

    Graphic Designer

    Vaisakh, has found art to be an integral part of both his work and personal life. For Vaisakh, video editing is more than just a job – it’s his passion. The youngest member of the team we look forward to many years of inspired creativity from him.

  • Nilesh Vyas

    Nilesh Vyas

    Web Developer

    Nilesh has been with Adventure for over the last 10+ years, is the resident IT wizard. During his time he has developed over 300 websites for companies ranging from small startups to large corporations. Addicted to Social Media, Nilesh is always up to date with the latest web trends.

  • Kaushik Gawde

    Kaushik Gawde

    Supervisor Print & Production

    Kaushik is more focused on orchestrating and controlling the Digital Unit work ensuring all the jobs are executed on set timelines.

  • Prosenjit Mondal

    Prosenjit Mondal

    Production Co-ordinator

    Popularly known as Jeet handles the production department as a production coordinator. Handling this very stressful and demanding job, he maintains discipline and high levels of organisation to get all jobs done efficiently.



Adventure takes the complexity out of the art and science of brand marketing from its customers by actively seeking out and managing partnerships with companies who provide the most current and innovative solutions in the industry. Our technical integration and close relationships mean that every customer project is delivered with reduced cost, risk and time to implementation.

We are proud of our partnership with the following industry leading enterprises.







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